How many pages should a resume be

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If you are writing a resume for the first time, you probably have many questions. And the most popular of them is how many pages should it contain.

Naturally, the answer is subjective and depends on several factors, but if you are looking for an internship or first job, the answer is always the same.

Limit yourself to one page. If you are studying at a university or have recently graduated from it, the experience of your professional activity will not take more than one page. It must be relevant. If necessary, edit your experience.

Remove all unnecessary and outdated information (for example, you helped your mother for three summers in a row, but this has nothing to do with the position of public relations specialist for which you applied).

When reviewing a resume, a recruiter spends less than 30 seconds on each resume, so it is important to indicate the most relevant information (and not to write anything extra). The resume should be neat and beautiful.

If it turned out that on the second page, you only have a couple of lines, and there is nothing more to add, change the font size or spacing.

Sometimes when submitting an application through the system, it does not accept resumes in .pdf, so you should always have both .doc and .pdf at hand.

When you first view your resume, read it very, very quickly. I do not know such recruiters, who, seeing a resume for the first time, read every line.

When they select a summary of the most suitable candidates, they will read it completely, but not this time.

As a rule, a summary can be viewed in “clear text” (without any formatting at all!). If you have uploaded a resume to the system, it may not look that great anymore. The main thing is the content.

Therefore, uploading a resume to the system, make sure that it is not mixed up. You may have to copy and paste it again, but it’s worth it because what you see is what the recruitment specialists see.