How to build a resume

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For the day of work of the personnel specialist, dozens of people go through his hands, and if the companies are large, then hundreds of applicants’ resumes. And from this stream, there is only a couple of minutes for your document to convince and interest him in his candidacy. How to make and write a resume for a job? A sample of the summary and detailed writing instructions is provided below.

The assessment itself of the document you create will pass as standard, according to 2 parameters:

  1. Content. This is the veracity of the data.
  2. The form. It assumes the right design and the proper structure.


Let us consider in detail how to correctly format the specified information, and by what parameters, it will be deemed to be accurately stated.

At the same time, there are some rules to remember that there is no special need; it is enough just to write them out on a separate piece of paper and use them if necessary.

The word “Resume” is not necessary to write. When working in Word, be sure to choose the font Times New Roman. It is considered the most convenient and pleasant for perception.

Set the size to 12 pt. But, at the same time, at the very top of the sheet, we must indicate the full name, which we simply select and change the size to 14 sizes. This makes it possible to focus attention on personal data and remember them, which is mainly relevant when working with other resumes.

The fields are arranged as follows: the top one is 2 cm, the bottom one is 2 cm, the right one is 2 cm, the left one is 1 cm. The convenience of marking the fields in this way is subsequently reflected when forming a personal file and collecting documents in a folder.

If suddenly there is a need for something to emphasize or focus on this information, then it is best to highlight it in bold, without resorting to underlining or italics. With this method, the text will look organic and will be easy to read.