How to do a resume

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Personal data

The purpose of this block is not only to keep your candidacy in memory but also, pointing out exactly your contacts, to determine the method for instant communication.

You should write relevant and specific information:

  • Surname, name, patronymic;
  • Address of the place of residence. It is essential that it be factual. If there is only a temporary one, then it is important to indicate until which date it is, and where it will be possible to find you later. The organization to which you send your resume may simply, without clarification and telephone calls, use the mail service and send you a notice of the appointment of the interview, therefore, the address must be accurate;
  • Phone number. When specifying your own number, be sure to write which one is mobile phone number in order for the specialist to be comfortable with time guidance and decide which one is best to dial. At the same time, if there is a restriction in the temporary space, for example, for you personally, it is more convenient to receive calls in the evening hours, inform correctly about it in summary;
  • Your email address, which is active at any time. If there is any other communication channel, you should definitely indicate this;
  • The date of your birth.

Describing your personal data, you can tell about your age, your marital status, indicate your citizenship or state of health. But, such information is not mandatory and gives an advantage only when it is unique.

And, it should be clearly understood that the more convenient and quicker the opportunity to contact you is, the more chances you leave for yourself and the less you give them to your competitors in the matter of employment.

Moreover, it is important to correctly indicate not only the name of your desired position but also to clarify the level of wages. And if you plan to participate in the search for several vacancies, then for each of them it is best to create a separate resume and send it to the personnel department.

But, not to write the name of posts is impossible. Any of the employees of the organization will never guess your plans and, in priority, will select those candidates who definitely understand and designate their goals.